Reasons to be Cheerful

12 07 2012

Thursday, 12th July

1. Sun was out when I was driving in to The Roundabout Gallery this morning! Amazing how a bit of light in your face can make the world seem a better place! It didn’t hurt that I was listening to the all-round fabulousness of ‘Let’s Stay Together’ by Roxy Music!

2. Yum almond n’ apricot scone for brekkie. All the better because I was sharing it!

3. Quick but sweet walk in the field with the furries this morning.


Reasons to be Cheerful

11 07 2012

Wednesday, 11th July

1. Rain-free walk with the canines during which The Big Brown Bow-Wow opted for a mud bath, what’s that saying about old dogs and new tricks?!

2. Hot buttered toast.

3. Clean dishes out of the dishwasher.

Reasons to be Cheerful

10 07 2012

Tuesday, 10th July

1. Steak

2. Glass of Chateauneuf du Pape (thanks to The Magnetic Wan!)

3. Bedtime snuggles

Reasons to be Cheerful

9 07 2012

Monday, 9th July

1. This day last year I was getting gussied up in my frock for Shindig II out in Brazil with all the stresses that go with it: I was getting over a vicious bout of food poisoning; none of the family managed to show up for the pre-wedding photos; the ceremony was delayed by 40 minutes because someone’s friend’s kids (who’d been nominated as flower girls by someone) were late. Sitting in a cramped VW Fox in a heavy frock in dead heat can make a wasp of a girl as my two Irish friends found out – sorry about that again guys!

Anyway, one year ago today I married The Brazilian for the second time. And the right decision it was too!

2. I’m doing the dog food run today so the furries have a reason to be cheerful!

3. The meadow on our field was cut and wrapped this weekend so the neighbour’s stock have food for winter. This also means we can walk in our field again without getting drenched!

Reasons to be Cheerful

8 07 2012

Sunday, 8th July

1. Getting petrol just in the nick of time last night on the way home from Galway. There were a few nail-biting miles before we hit Tuam!

2. Aldi white choc chip cookies.

3. Beautiful pink blooms from the only living plant in our garden: the rambler rose.

Reasons to be Cheerful

7 07 2012

Saturday, 7th July

1. Galway today! I get to gaze lovingly at my hat all day!

2. Soothing hot water and lemon first thing to ease my croaky throat.

3. It’s raining … this is good because … eh, it gives slugs something to live for!

Reasons to be Cheerful

6 07 2012

Friday, 6th July

1. New fab swishy hair! Just back from my hairdresser, so good not to have to work the Dulux Dog look anymore!

2. Coffee with a slice of homemade banana bread, courtesy of one of The Brazilian’s many “ladies”.

3. Killed 14.5 flies last night. I went on a spree. Do not mess with me, bluebottles of Ireland!