Reasons to be Cheerful / Razões para estar alegre

19 07 2012

Thursday, 19th July

1. I am (just about) on top of my workload today and can relax a little over my coffee this morning!

2. Going to the theeeeeeeeatre dahlinks with a friend tonight. Haven’t been in ages.

3. Fell in love with some glass splashback for the kitchen yesterday. The Brazilian is still reeling over the price so it might remain a dream for now!

And now, in Portuguese for the outlaws …


Quinta-feira, 19 de julho

1. Estou quase até à data com minha carga de trabalho de hoje, e assim podem relaxar com um café esta manhã!

2. Eu vou ao teatro com um amigo hoje à noite. Eu não fui por muito tempo.

3. Eu caí no amor com algum vidro para paredes da cozinha ontem. É muito caro, e assim o brasileiro ainda está se recuperando. Ele pode ser um sonho para agora! Talvez teremos ele no Brasil em vez disso!


Reasons to be Cheerful

18 07 2012

Wednesday, 18th July

1. It’s so good to be busy, to have a purpose.

2. I might escape the house later today for some kitchen splashback-shopping! How exciting!

3. Clean, silky soft hair today. Swish!

Raisins to be Cheerful

17 07 2012

Tuesday, 17th July

1. For the first time in months I am busy with Goldfinger work. This means I might be able to afford the hat I was lusting after at the Volvo Ocean Race the other week!

2. I got the stink of cow poo out of the house by drowning The Flatpack in soapy water last night!

3. Our bedroom has a coat of fresh paint on it and looks glorious! Next stop, sitting room.

Raisins to be Cheerful

16 07 2012

Monday, 16th July

1. Had a lovely dinner and chat with my bestie in her new gaff yesterday and as a result  now have serious wardrobe envy: the girl has the most divine collection of frocks ‘n shoes I have ever seen!

2. The Beach Boys are on the iPod. It might be ‘soft’ outside but it’s surfin’ time in the sitting room!

3. Coffee. Badly needed this morning after a long day yesterday.

Reasons to be Cheerful

15 07 2012

Sunday, 15 July

1. Met some lovely new friends yesterday!

2. Bought a dress for €5 in the Enable shop, me likey!

3. Off to see besty friend for a sleep-over, can’t wait: wine ‘n gossip!

Raisins to be Cheerful

14 07 2012

Saturday, 14th July

1. Am off to turn some virtual friends into real-life ones today. Exciting and nerve-wracking all at once.

2. Yum dinner last night of marinated chicken fillets from the best butcher in the county. Followed by vanilla ice-cream sandwich for dessert with wafers!

3. The honeysuckle. It’s still wafting through the house.

Raisins to be Cheerful

13 07 2012

Friday, 13th July

1. Woke up to sunshine – the fact that it’s been swallowed up by clouds is irrelevant – at least I know definitively that it still exists!

2. Satisfaction from cleaning the shower, it’s sparkly and lovely.

3. Two new followers to the Pixbyshumbles blog, yay!!