Reasons to be Cheerful

18 07 2012

Wednesday, 18th July

1. It’s so good to be busy, to have a purpose.

2. I might escape the house later today for some kitchen splashback-shopping! How exciting!

3. Clean, silky soft hair today. Swish!




5 responses

18 07 2012

1. I am feeling fit and healthy today…had cycle in gym last night and heel OK!
2. I have another tender to prepare.
3. My little nephew is on the mend.

18 07 2012

Very glad to hear your good news Ger 🙂

19 07 2012

1. made meatballs from scratch (ok the beef came ready-minced but apart from that) – but there is something missing and I can’t quite figure out what?
It’s not the sauce, I’ve been using the same sauce recipe for a while.

2. 85% cocoa chocolate, from Jimmy (who doesn’t seem to either want anything or be trying to poison me . . . weird!)

3. Nespresso

19 07 2012

Did you discover what was missing?

19 07 2012

No and it;s puzzling me, So, all suggestions welcome.

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