Raisins to be Cheerful

17 07 2012

Tuesday, 17th July

1. For the first time in months I am busy with Goldfinger work. This means I might be able to afford the hat I was lusting after at the Volvo Ocean Race the other week!

2. I got the stink of cow poo out of the house by drowning The Flatpack in soapy water last night!

3. Our bedroom has a coat of fresh paint on it and looks glorious! Next stop, sitting room.




6 responses

18 07 2012

1. Laugh of the wek from Rob (sorry Yvonne), courtesy of Dilbert
2. 85% cocoa chocolate from Jimmy
3. I have a fan . . or a stalker!

18 07 2012

Oooh, do tell re #3

19 07 2012

3. Followed me around for an hour, tried on several of my perfumes, two of my nail polishes, examined various bracelets and and asked questions constantly . . . Oh and she’s three and a half!

19 07 2012

Heee heee, do you know her?!

19 07 2012

It was Eva.

19 07 2012

Where did the time go? I still have it in my head that she’s a baby!

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