Raisins to be Cheerful

16 07 2012

Monday, 16th July

1. Had a lovely dinner and chat with my bestie in her new gaff yesterday and as a result  now have serious wardrobe envy: the girl has the most divine collection of frocks ‘n shoes I have ever seen!

2. The Beach Boys are on the iPod. It might be ‘soft’ outside but it’s surfin’ time in the sitting room!

3. Coffee. Badly needed this morning after a long day yesterday.




4 responses

16 07 2012

1. Laugh of the week (so far) from Yvonne’s ring tone.
2. Italian sweeties from colleague
3. Decent car insurance quote.

16 07 2012

I have questions: 1. What is the ring tone, I need a laugh. 2 Where did you get your quote from? I found Chill.ie very good

17 07 2012

It’s in the voice of an old fashioned upper crust English butler
– ‘Excuse me Madam but I’m afraid someone is attempting to contact you telephonically’ (which gets your interest) and then continues . . ‘shall I tell them to F*ck off’.

I got mine from 123.ie and it includes breakdown assist.

18 07 2012

Want the ringtone!
Can’t remember if mine includes breakdown assist, it might well do …

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